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General Services

Shingles vaccine now available free for 70 – 79 year olds

Please call the practice for an appointment. If you haven’t had shingles in the last twelve months you are eligible for this vaccine.

Same-Day Medical Service for Acute Illness

Our doctors and nurses attempt to see registered patients with minimal delay. Please call as soon as you realise an appointment will be needed. We want to help speed your recovery.

Long-Term Medical Conditions

We believe it is important to regularly look after long-term medical conditions such as raised blood pressure, diabetes, asthma or arthritis. Our team of nurses and doctors will provide a personalised plan and summary to support you. In many cases up to five Medicare funded visits to allied health are available.

Testing Facilities

Hills Medical Service provides spirometry lung testing, ECG, pulse oximetry and antenatal Doppler., The practice will loan blood pressure machines to patients. Onsite we have SA Pathology who provide blood tests, 24 hour ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure and pulse.

Baby & Childhood Checkups

Routine childhood immunisations are provided by our doctors and nurses in free consultations. We take pride in making available a comfortable environment in which there is time for discussing any concerns.

Men’s Health

Keeping healthy is similar to keeping a car running. Regular servicing can prevent problems. We encourage annual birthday check-ups. We encourage you to take advantage of the Medicare funded 45-49 year comprehensive health check program.

Travel Medicine

Travel immunisations and advice are available and tailored to your individual needs.

Referrals & Specialists

We work closely with local specialists who visit Stirling District Hospital and Mt Barker District Hospital. Psychologist and Physiotherapist provide onsite services in our front surgery.

Diabetes Clinic

As part of our commitment to look after long-term medical conditions we run a dedicated diabetes clinic where we can help give you gain greater understanding of diabetes and help with monitoring and treatment.


Hypnotherpay is a well recognised tool for the treatment of a large number of medical conditions, both physical and psychological problems as well as phobias and addictions such as smoking. It can be very useful for chronic pain.

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